Many homeowners use the summer weather to perform renovations and improve their home. If you’re looking into energy efficiency and how to reduce your home’s energy consumption, you’ll find that there are several improvements you can make that achieve that goal.

Let’s explore some of the home improvements plymouth ma residents can make to their home to enhance energy efficiency.

Replace Appliances

Many older appliances, especially those that have been used for over a decade, use a lot of energy and are considered inefficient by modern standards. Appliances, such as air conditioners and refrigerators, have become much more energy efficient. Homeowners can benefit by upgrading their appliances and replacing them with energy efficiency, modern appliances.

Programmable Thermostat

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Programmable thermostats allow you to set the climate in your home, achieving the optimum temperature. These can be set to change temperatures throughout the day at designated times, making it possible to control the temperature even when nobody is home. Automation of this level saves homeowners money and reduces energy consumption.

Seal or Install Doors & Windows

Your doors and windows can let heat or cool air out of the home when it is needed the most, which leads to your appliances working harder to control the temperature. Adding caulking or weather stripping can get rid of drafts and make controlling the temperature in your home more effective than ever. You may also consider replacing windows or doors, as they can better regulate temperature.

Your home can be increasingly energy efficient as long as you continue making changes that are in line with your goal. Some of the best home improvements you can make include replacing older appliances with newer ones, installing programmable thermostats that automatically adjust temperature throughout the day, and sealing or installing windows and doors to reduce drafts.