With the growing expanse of the financial sector, it is very important to develop the public’s faith and confidence. Credit rating is an assessment that quantifiably measures the creditworthiness of a borrower for transactional purposes. Such ratings can be assigned to any individual looking out for borrowing funds or a corporation with existing lending capability.

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Even any financial institution such as columbia bank Medford can obtain a rating from a credit rating agency. These agencies are generally paid by the entities who are seeking evaluation and creditworthiness for their corporation. 

It helps the bank or corporation identify reasonable credit risk from bad and minimize the risk in lending. A good rating attracts more pending approval of loans from the bank’s end and tells about the individual’s good financial strength.

Importance of Credit Rating

  • Credit ratings lead to a better investment decision on the part of a banker or lending agency. Good credit ratings mean the individual has fewer chances of default, which motivates a better investment opportunity.
  • High ratings also assure the safety loan amount being returned with timely interest payments made to the bank.
  • For a borrower, getting a high credit rating increases the chances of getting a loan easily without hassles.
  • One of the major factors that are considered while determining the interest rate is the customer’s loan credit history. Thus, if an individual can get a good credit rating, then the chances of a lower interest rate being charged are very likable.

There are many trusted credit agencies such as Standard & Poor’s(S&P), Moody’s, or Fitch are reached out by companies to get evaluated before they start borrowing. Banks can hire them to critically evaluate the worthiness of a potential borrower before they run into a transaction with them.

Therefore, a good credit rating also plays a huge role in determining whether to invest or not.